South Shields MP Emma meets Bangladeshi prime minister

Emma Lewell-Buck with  Sheikh Hasina Wajed.
Emma Lewell-Buck with Sheikh Hasina Wajed.

SOUTH Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck welcomed a respected international visitor to the House of Commons in London.

The MP said it was a “real honour” to be introduced to Bangladeshi prime minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed during her visit to Westminster.

This is the premier’s first visit to London after her niece, Tulip Siddiq, was elected as a British Labour MP at the General Election on May 7.

On Sunday, the prime minister joined a reception ceremony organised by the UK Awami League .

And she joined another reception programme thrown by the new members of the British Parliament the next day.

Mrs Hasina, who was flying back to Bangladesh today, heard her niece’s first speech at the British Parliament on Tuesday.

Hasina’s political career has spanned more than four decades during which she has been both Prime Minister, on three occasions, and opposition leader.

As opposition leader, she was the target of an assassination attempt in 2004.