South Shields MP says Queen’s Speech promises will lead to a ‘divided Britain’

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck.
South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck.

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck fears announcements unveiled in this week’s Queen’s Speech will lead to a more divided Britain.

An in-out European Union referendum by the end of 2017, more free childcare, an income tax freeze and the right to buy being extended to housing association tenants were just some of the priorities revealed for the coming Parliament.

People on low income can not expect a better deal.

Emma Lewell-Buck

However, Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim that the 26-bill package was a “programme for working people” has been ridiculed by Mrs Lewell-Buck.

The Labour MP intends to give a formal response to the planned legislation in the House of Commons next week.

She said that South Tynesiders had suffered during five years of austerity and that the extra cuts promised by Mr Cameron’s government would make life even tougher.

She added: “David Cameron wants to pretend that after the election, the country is united behind his party, but what has really happened is that his leadership has deeply divided our country. People living on low incomes saw their lives get much tougher under the last government, and in places like the North East, the massive cuts to public services did a huge amount of damage.

“This Queen’s Speech shows that Mr Cameron wants to go even further down that path.

“There should have been bills to make work pay and to rescue our NHS in this speech, but they were sadly nowhere to be found.”

Mrs Lewell-Buck said the Government’s narrow majority meant Labour had the potential to “rein in the worst impulses of the Tory party”, adding that opposition to plans to repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act and the 2004 Hunting Act had already been effective.