South Shields OAP's home raided while she was injured

Carl Robertson
Carl Robertson

A pensioner's home was raided while she was staying with family after being injured during an accident.

Personal belongings, including an engagement ring given to the victim in the 1960s, were stolen during the break-in at the house, in South Shields, in April.

Daniel Robertson

Daniel Robertson

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 73-year-old's home was empty while she was staying with her daughter after a fall, which left her with an injured shoulder.

The court heard the break-in and the damage it caused has meant the victim's move back to her own home has been delayed.

She said in a statement: "The incident has made me feel insecure. I am grateful I wasn't present in the property but I also worry about future incidents.

"It will cost an estimated £80 for the window where entry was gained.

"I do not have the money to replace this.

"I am 73-years of age and could have moved back in shortly.

"However, I am unsure if I will get back in this year due to the distress.

"I cannot replace the items stolen and this really upsets me."

The victim's daughter said in her statement she was worried for the safety of her mother and added: "I am angry someone thought it was okay to come in and take things."

Raider Carl Robertson, 36, of Stanhope Road, South Shields, got into the house through a first floor window. He pleaded guilty to burglary.

Mr Recorder Tony Hawks sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with 150 hours unpaid work.

The judge said burglary is a "mean and despicable" offence but said Robertson's jail term could be suspended as he has stayed out of trouble for over seven years and does not have a bad record.

His brother Daniel Robertson, 33, of Lawrence Avenue, South Shields, sold charms, a necklace and ring, which had been taken during the raid, to a second hand shop. He pleaded guilty to fraud.

The judge sentenced him to nine months behind bars and said he has an "absolutely disgraceful record" for dishonesty.