South Shields people asked to join vigil for persecuted Muslims

People taking part in last year's protest in South Shields over the conflicts taking place in Gaza.
People taking part in last year's protest in South Shields over the conflicts taking place in Gaza.

A RALLYING call has gone out for people in South Tyneside to attend a vigil in support of persecuted Muslims.

The event has been planned to take place outside South Shields Town Hall on Sunday, June 14 from 2pm.

I urge people to speak out against this crime.

Lalon Amin, organiser, said

The vigil is to support the Rohingya Muslims who are being persecuted in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

They are not regarded as an official ethnic group and are denied citizenship under Myanmar’s 1982 Citizenship Law, which effectively renders them stateless.

As a result their rights to study, work, travel, marry, practise their religion and access health services are severely restricted.

South Shields business man Lalon Amin, who has organised the vigil along with Dr Martyn Hudson, said: “The UN has declared the Rohingya Muslims are one of the most prosecuted minorities in the world.

“Reports suggest that up to 25,000 Rohingya Muslims have been killed. Hundreds of thousands have fled from the systematic genocide that is taking shape. Thousands have fled by sea, only to be denied entry by neighbouring countries.”

Mr Amin says the demonstration is not about religion and he hopes all faiths will attend.

He said: “The demonstration has been organised to raise awareness and to show our solidarity with the Rohingya Muslims. This is not a Muslim issue, but a humanitarian issue, for the sake of humanity we must all speak out against the atrocities that are talking place.

We urge the international community to put pressure on the Burmese government as well as applying pressure to open up the borders.

They must be given refugee status. I urge the people to speak out against this crime against humanity and to join us at the demo.”

Last year Mr Amin organised a successful protest in Shields to call for an end to the violent conflict in Gaza.

Pro-Palestine supporters marched from Ocean Road up Fowler Street to the town hall to show their solidarity with those who have lost their lives in the conflict.

To volunteer during the vigil call 07477 600 019.