South Shields Removal man gives unwanted goods new lease of life

Removal man David Robson.
Removal man David Robson.

A South Tyneside removal company is branching out to help link up new owners with unwanted goods.

Dave Robson has been running South Shields Removals for the past three years after leaving the Royal Air Force.

“I never sell anything, everything I get which can be, is given away is.”

Dave Robson

But now he is using his business to help out residents by linking them up with items others no longer need.

The recycling scheme launched by Mr Robson has been running for the past year after he set about looking at ways he could save his customers money.

He said: “Everything I do the customer is always at the centre of it.

“When it comes to getting rid of items like sofas the cost can be quite high as there is at least a £25 charge to get rid of it at the tip and that’s before you factor in the fuel and labour costs of it being taken away so you are looking at, at least £40 to get rid of a sofa.

“But if it can be recycled, I’m more than happy to pick the item up and then deliver it to the person who needs it.

“I never sell anything, everything I get which can be, is given away is.”

He added: “Through social media people are matched up with the item they require and I will collect it for free or for a small charge.

“For items, that can’t be recycled I will visit the customer and talk through the best options for them, whether that’s using my services or those of the council.”

Already a number of families have been helped by the scheme run by Mr Robson, from South Shields, with washing machines, bedframes and wardrobes being handed over.

Mr Robson said: “When a quote is given, for example for the removal of a sofa, it can sound quite a lot but a large part of that cost is down to the charges I have to pay when I go to the tip.

“This way costs are kept to a minimum and we are also helping to reduce landfill by recycling the items.”

As well as van removals with either a one or two-man team, South Shields Removals also provides furniture moves within the home and flat pack furniture builds.

Items to be swapped or sold can be posted on the company’s Facebook page so they can be matched up with those wanting items. Those doing so are asked to give as much information as possible including the item(s) to be moved; where from and where to and when it needs it doing.

Call South Shields Removals 07557 781430 or visit Facebook page South Shields Removals.