South Shields schoolteacher calls police on problem parking parents

A concerned headteacher has called in the police to stop parents from parking outside his school.

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 5:00 am
Westoe Crown Primary school parent parking and driving problems. Headteacher Steve Price with school council

Stephen Price, headteacher at Westoe Crown Primary, South Shields, was fed up with parents dropping their children off in the ‘no stopping’ zone at the school’s gates.

Despite using newsletters and banners to get the message across, drivers were still disobeying the rule.

So, as a last resort, the school contacted Northumbria Police and, for the last two days, officers have patrolled the area.

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On Monday eight cars were identified, with an additional four on Tuesday.

All will now receive a fixed penalty notice.

 Mr Price said: “Parking and stopping in this area is extremely dangerous and it has been a concern for the school for many years.

“We have 700 children at the school, which is a lot of little feet, and we’re concerned it is only a matter of time before one of our children gets injured.

“We have campaigned for parents to be mindful of where they are stopping and parking, we have included details in our school newsletter, have a banner outside the school and significant signage reminding people it is a no stopping zone. However, we are still seeing people parking inconsiderately.”

Mr Price added: “This is a priority for us and this year the school council will be focussing on more public notices in the local area, not just for parents but visitors to the area as well.

“Ideally, we’d like parents to walk to school, that would be the best option, but if they are going to park, we would ask they park where it is safe to do so.”

Police, who have also visited other schools in the borough, will continue to monitor the situation.

Sergeant Lee Butler, from Motor Patrols South, said: “The school raised concerns about parents stopping in no stopping zones outside the school – in other words, the zig zagged area.

“This is a no stopping zone for a reason, it is dangerous for people to stop there, it causes an obstruction to other road users and pedestrians and affects the flow of the traffic increasing the chances of a collision.

“Our priority is the safety of all road users and we want to make sure everything is done to ensure all of those using the roads are safe especially as this is a primary school with young children.”

He added: “Parents should find somewhere safe to drop their child and if necessary park up and walk their child to the school gate.”