South Shields teenager on the mend after terrifying fall from cliffs

Robbie recovering in hospital
Robbie recovering in hospital

A teenager who suffered horrific injuries when he fell from cliffs in South Shields is continuing his recovery in hospital.

Robbie Drew, 15, fell 20 feet and was knocked unconscious at Manhaven Bay, South Shields, on Thursday, and now faces a series of operations to put right his injuries.

Robbie, of Marshall Wallis Road, South Shields, is being treated at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Although X-rays revealed he suffered no broken bones in the fall, he has a severe wound to his left knee and ligament damage.

The Mortimer Comprehensive School pupil also suffered bruising to his chin and cuts to his chest and back.

His mum, Lizzy Stavers, 43, said yesterday: “He’s looking really well, this has been his best day by far.

“He’s tried to get up a few times, with the help of a zimmer frame, as he has to keep using his legs to keep the muscles working.

“Thankfully he’s a strong lad. All being well he will have his surgery on Friday, where they’re planning on covering the damaged area over, with a flap of skin.

“They had hoped to do that earlier in the week but it just wasn’t possible.”

She added: “He’s been told he will have to stay in bed for a week after that, but we don’t know at this stage how long he will be in hospital for.

“His friends have all been to visit him and he’s even had a phone call from his headteacher.

“The amount of love and support he’s received from everyone has been overwhelming.”

Miss Stavers, 43, says her son and a friend were throwing stones into the sea when the accident happened.

Despite his injuries, Robbie was able to call her from a mobile he kept in his backpack.

She said: “He said ‘I’m so sorry. I’ve cut my leg, you’ve got to come.”

Miss Stavers and Robbie’s dad Neil Drew, 44, made a desperate 10-minute dash to the clifftop.

She said: “Robbie has told us that he thinks the ground just gave way under him. He doesn’t remember the fall and thinks he must have been knocked out.

“He does recall coming round and crawling about 10ft to where his shouts for help were heard.”

Miss Stavers has also thanked rescuers and passers-by who helped her son at the scene of the accident and medical staff who have treated him since.

Messages of support have also been left on the Gazette’s Facebook page, including one from South Shields Volunteer LIfe Brigade which was involved in his rescue.

Steven Westy wrote: “On behalf of the South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade we wish you a speedy recovery.

“You and your family are always welcome to visit our station if you would like to meet the team.