South Shields thug jailed after kicking pregnant nurse who was trying to help him

Andrew McKay.
Andrew McKay.

A hospital patient who kicked a pregnant nurse while she was trying to help him has been put behind bars.

Andrew McKay lashed out with his feet after the expectant medic helped him back to bed when she saw him try to leave the A&E department at South Tyneside District Hospital last September.

The blow, to her side, left the mum-to-be, who was 24 weeks into her pregnancy, winded and worried about the safety of herself and her unborn baby.

When a security guard stepped in, he was punched, spat at and scratched by McKay.

The 35-year-old patient continued to lash out when police arrived at the hospital in South Shields and spat at an officer's leg when he was restrained on the ground.

Prosecutor David Crook told Newcastle Crown Court that McKay, who has a long history of violence and was out on life licence from a previous indeterminate sentence, had been admitted to hospital after a drugs overdose and had been administered medication to counteract what he had taken.

Mr Crook said: "He pulled the drip from his arm and tried to leave.

"The complainant tried to stop him because of concerns for his welfare.

"He became aggressive, swearing at her.

"She tried to get him back to bed and she managed to do that.

"While back in bed he began kicking out with both legs.

"He was shouting and swearing. He kicked her in her left side with his left leg and caused her pain.

"Being expectant, as she was, she felt winded and concerned about her safety and the safety of her unborn child."

Mr Crook said a security guard was punched in the chest, spat at and scratched to the wrist, which caused it to bleed.

A police officer who restrained McKay while calling for back-up from colleagues was also spat at.

McKay, of Longleat Gardens, South Shields, admitted three charges of common assault and possessing an offensive weapon in relation to a knuckle duster that was later found in his bed.

He also admitted burglary at a house at New Market Walk, in South Shields, later the same month.

McKay had gone into the house during the night and left two male occupants injured with grazes when they were woken and tried to restrain him.

He told the men he had a knife during the struggle and one of them chipped a tooth.

Miss Recorder Caroline Wigin sentenced McKay to a total of two years and eight months behind bars.

The judge said the nurse was "vulnerable" due to her pregnant state and circumstances when she was attacked and told McKay: "You were treated totally appropriately by a staff nurse who was 24 weeks pregnant.

"As she tried to treat you, you kicked out at her repeatedly and on one occasion kicked her left side, causing her pain and causing her concern for her baby."

The judge said she accepted McKay had tried to improve himself after his release from the last prison sentence but said he failed "spectacularly".

Michelle Stonley, defending, said McKay has "no recollection whatsoever" of what happened at the hospital as he had taken a substantial amount of valium.

She said the house raid happened when McKay had left a party, which he tried to return to but had got the wrong house.

Miss Stonley added: "He is extremely sorry to all concerned for his behaviour, in particular to the staff nurse, who had the added concern and worry that at the time she was pregnant. He is extremely sorry to her for the distress he has caused her."