South Shields Town Hall turns blue to raise awareness of World Diabetes Day

Iconic South Shields Town Hall turned blue to raise awareness of diabetes.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 9:35 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 10:19 am
South Shields Town Hall was lit up blue for World Diabetes Day.
South Shields Town Hall was lit up blue for World Diabetes Day.

The Mayor of South Tyneside Council Councillor Ken Stephenson and the Mayoress, Cathy Stephenson, joined South Tyneside Diabetes UK group to light up the Grade II-Listed building to help highlight the condition and mark World Diabetes Day.

Coun Stephenson said: “We were delighted to support the campaign as it helps to raise awareness that simple lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well and regular exercise, can help to reduce the risk of developing the condition.

The Mayor and Mayoress of South Tyneside with Diabetes UK South Tyneside members.

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“If managed well, people with diabetes can lead a full and active lifestyle, but it can cause serious health problems if left undetected.

"The campaign promotes the importance of getting screened, with early diagnosis of type-two diabetes and treatment going a long way to help reduce the risk of serious complications.

“Seeing the stunning South Shields Town Hall lit up blue helps to highlight this important issue while inspiring people to find out more about this life changing condition and the preventative measures they can take.”

Around 9,000 adults in South Tyneside have diabetes.

However, early detection and timely treatment can prevent serious risks including visual impairment and blindness.

Diabetes UK is the leading UK charity that campaigns on behalf of all people affected by, and at risk, of diabetes.

Clare Allom, lead campaigner of the South Tyneside Diabetes UK group, said: “It was great to see South Tyneside Council supporting the campaign by lighting the Town Hall blue.

“Diabetes is such an unrelenting and unforgiving condition, it’s important we continue to raise awareness on how to prevent people from developing Type 2 diabetes as well as to continue campaigning for further improvements in diabetes care for all those affected.

"Through greater awareness, understanding and promotion of healthier lifestyles, we hope to achieve this.”

Diabetes UK recommends that those with diabetes should have regular health checks including foot, kidney and eyesight screening to help manage their condition, as well as eat well and take part in regular exercise to enjoy long and healthy lives, free from serious complications.

For more information on all aspects of diabetes visit or contact Maria Ward from the South Tyneside Diabetes UK Group on (0191) 427 7953 or email [email protected]

The group meets the second Tuesday of the month at Saville Lodge in South Shields.