South Tyneside cadet setting sail for national remembrance challenge

Cadet Corporal Jake Gregory.
Cadet Corporal Jake Gregory.

A South Tyneside cadet will be heading for a voyage of remembrance and adventure.

Cadet Corporal Jake Gregory, from Hebburn, is one of two members of Durham Army Cadets whe have been chosen for the national event to mark a century old anniversary.

This is also my chance for me to say thank you in a practical way to service men and women for their sacrifices

Jake Gregory

The 16-year-old, along with Cadet Nicholas Cardledge, 16 from County Durham, are two of 96 Army Cadets picked to undertake the challenge which is being staged to mark the close of the First World War next year.

The cadets have been selected from the entire UK Cadet Forces, for the sailing challenge.

Lord Dannatt’s Round Britain Challenge next summer is the ultimate nod to the armed forces and their sacrifice for their country.

Durham Army Cadets are hoping people will help raise the £1,995 needed to fund the trip and to contribute to ex-service charities.

Jake said: “Last year I was very lucky to visit the World War One sites and memorials. I also visited the National Memorial Arboretum, a national memorial site which is the growing tribute to those who have served and continue to serve our country.

“It was very emotional to see all those lost lives. This is also my chance for me to say thank you in a practical way to service men and women for their sacrifices and to learn what service means.”

In 2018 as part of the remembrance activities to mark the close of the First World War, 48 injured soldiers and the 96 cadets will embark on a voyage of remembrance, adventure and personal development as part of the Lord Dannatt’s around Britain Challenge.

The team will work together to sail around Great Britain on board a specially adapted tall ship, changing crew every 10 days in each capital city.

In each change over port there will be a celebration of remembrance, inclusivity and diversity.

Each 10-day voyage will see 12 injured service personnel and 24 cadets and instructors aged 16-25 working as a team to sail the ship to the next capital city, climbing the mast,

helm the ship, setting the sails and much more.

In each capital city hundreds of cadets, and supporters will have the opportunity to visit the ship and participate in the festival.

A quarter of a wooden shield will be presented to the crew in each city until the final piece of the shield is presented in London, where the cadets will march it to the Tower

of London. The shield will be a First World War memorial.