South Tyneside council bosses urged to do more to tackle dog foulers and litter louts

Council bosses are being called on to do more to combat dog foulers and litter louts.

Saturday, 23rd September 2017, 1:28 pm
Updated Saturday, 23rd September 2017, 1:30 pm
Funds will help back projects to encourage people to put their waste in the bin and innovative ways to help manage rubbish.

The call comes after a new clampdown campaign in Hebburn was announced – with a warning that those caught could be hit with hefty fixed penalty fines.

South Tyneside Council chiefs say the initiative will see homeowners visited for “positive contacts” to encourage them to clean up their mess.

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Neighbourhood officers from South Tyneside Homes (STH), the council’s housing management company, are spearheading the new drive.

A report to Hebburn Area Community Forum, stated: “Targeted campaigns are currently being arranged throughout Hebburn to tackle litter and dog fouling.

“The campaign will involve undertaking positive contacts with residents regarding litter and dog fouling to prevent occurrence and taking enforcement action in the form of fixed penalty notices should any offenders be identified.”

The action promted a mixed response from Gazette readers, who took to our Facebook page with their views.

Donna Stephenson wrote: “The council quite easily fine you for parking yet walk around and it’s dog mess on every street.

“Around the schools are a nightmare and just try taking your kiddies to a park.

“It’s disgusting.”

Some people claim there are not enough disposal bins.

Ian Stirling wrote: “The council keep taking litter bins away.”

Jack Pearce added: “How long does it take to have a litter bin/dog poop bin replaced? I ask because nearly three months ago, mindless children set fire to the only one on The Lonnen, and despite numerous phone calls it still hasn’t been replaced.”

George Watson advocates more direct action.

He wrote: “Maybe the council should put more bins out.

“They could even do some ‘undercover’ work and go to dog walking areas and give out fines to people on the spot.”

Lydia Anne Betts welcomed the move – and wants similar action in South Shields.

She wrote: “Not before time. When is this going to happen in South Shields?

“Our road is disgraceful due to the filthy people who don’t care what their dogs do.

But Sharon-Anne Oz said: “Don’t label all dog owners with the same badge.

“Remember you have your good and bad.”