South Tyneside doctor backs calls for Parkinson’s Disease funding

Dr Edward Nowicki
Dr Edward Nowicki

South Tyneside health staff will be getting an insight into Parkinson’s Disease this month.

April 10-17 is Parkinson’s Awareness Week and World Parkinson’s Day, on Tuesday, April 11, will mark 200 years since James Parkinson first described the symptoms of the condition.

The theme for the week is ‘We Won’t Wait’ and charity Parkinson’s UK is calling for support for their research so they can find more treatments and a cure.

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust’s Movement Disorders Lead Dr Edward Nowicki heads a new multi-disciplinary team at South Tyneside District Hospital and he will be raising awareness among staff during the week.

Dr Nowicki has a clinic at the hospital for outpatients referred with movement disorders, and Parkinson’s in particular, as well as assessing in-patients with Parkinson’s to ensure they can be safely discharged,and following their subsequent progress.

“We meet on a regular basis and work together to ensure we give the best care to our patients and the best support to each other,” he said.

“Two hundred years on from its first recognition, Parkinson’s Disease remains a common and under-recognised condition.

“Parkinson’s Awareness Week is a great opportunity for us to publicise our new service at South Tyneside Hospital, while drawing attention to the fact that much more research and resource is needed into better, longer-lasting medication and, hopefully, in the future, a cure.”

Parkinson’s main symptoms affect movement. Patients can have tremors, tire easily and tend to fall down.