South Tyneside dog foulers and litter louts face new fines threat

South Tyneside litter louts face new fines.
South Tyneside litter louts face new fines.

Dog foulers and litter louts are being targeting in a new clampdown campaign in Hebburn.

Those caught could be hit with hefty fixed penalty fines, South Tyneside Council chiefs have warned.

The initiative will see homeowners visited for "positive contacts" to encourage them to clean up their mess.

Neighbourhood officers from South Tyneside Homes (STH), the council’s housing management company, are spearheading the new drive.

It forms part of tenancy support work delivered by STH aimed at ensuring people receive the support they need to maintain their tenancies.

In the latest report of the Hebburn Area Community Forum, STH states: “Targeted campaigns are currently being arranged throughout Hebburn to tackle litter and dog fouling.

“The campaign will involve undertaking positive contacts with residents regarding litter and dog fouling to prevent occurrence and taking enforcement action in the form of fixed penalty notices should any offenders be identified.”

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