South Tyneside drivers not happy with new lights system

Lindisfarne Roundabout
Lindisfarne Roundabout

Drivers say red lights are spelling danger at a new £7.5m road system in South Tyneside.

Gazette readers claim amber and green are also causing confusion – and have urged council chiefs to permanently switch all off or change their timings.

In a flood of posts on our Facebook page, the use of lights on the Lindisfarne and the John Reid Road roundabouts was slammed for allegedly creating driving chaos.

It comes just days after borough councillor Lee Hughes hit out at changes made to traffic flow into the new layout from Edinburgh Road on the Scotch Estate.

Readers say the traffic lights - standing about 200m apart - should be reviewed, with a view to removing them.

Steve Wilson said: “Improvements? Heading to Shields at about 5.30pm, traffic jam starts just past the York Avenue flyover.

“Before the traffic lights were put back on, could pretty much get straight to Lindisfarne. The improvements haven’t improved anything.”

Matthew Bonner added: “It’s the lights that’s the problem here. They’re a joke. Traffic flowed smoothly with no lights.”

Geoff Stansfield commented: “When have traffic lights full time on the Lindisfarne Roundabout.

“I think need lots more road signs and turn the lights off. Just turn the lights off for an hour at a busy time and let’s see if it makes it better or worse.”

Max Fulton said: “Coming off night shift at 5.30am and sat at the lights on red with not another vehicle in sight. And our glorious council insist they are monitoring the traffic. Here’s a money saving tip for them. Turn the lights off at the roundabout.”

Davey Thomas added: “Ridiculous having them lights on for seven seconds at first slip road off from tunnel traffic spilling onto A19.

“There will be a fatality soon guaranteed. Turn them off or leave them on green for least 25 seconds, it’s not hard.”

South Tyneside Council has said it is monitoring traffic flow and has urged motorists to be patient while they become more familiar with the new layout.