South Tyneside local elections: Who will get your vote in Whiteleas?

The local election campaign is well underway. Here's the list of candidates for the Whiteleas ward in South Shields.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 11:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 12:23 pm
Whiteleas candidates, from left, Sarah McKeown, Doreen Purvis and Kathleen Wright. Not pictured: Colin Lemon.

Colin Peter Lemon (Conservative Party)

2015 saw the largest vote ever for the Conservatives in this ward. It shows there is good support. I hope you will repeat it this year.

Sarah Jean McKeown (Green Party)

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I am proud to stand for the Green Party, a party of fairness, honesty and respect for each other and our environment.

Inequality in our country is becoming more and more apparent, particularly in the North East.

Economic policy, privatisation, stigmatising government policies and more fundamentally globalisation and climate change are all serving to widen the gap between rich and poor.

Privatisation of sections of vital public services such as the NHS and education, coupled with chronic underfunding are jeopardising the excellent standards that should be available to everyone in society.

As a parent and a teacher I want to help to build a more positive future for our children, including their right to a good education, a free health service, a planet with sustainable and diverse ecosystems and a more democratic society based on respect and not greed.

These things are all at the core of Green Party policy.

Doreen Purvis (Labour Party)

Four years ago I was elected as Councillor for Whiteleas, Parkway and Holder House joining the Labour Team of Bill Brady and Ernest Gibson.

I have worked with them to address the concerns raised by residents.

Despite the challenges posed by cuts imposed from central government we have managed to deliver many environmental, housing and social initiatives.

I am very proud of these achievements and would like to continue to build upon them.

My experience of working in the area of welfare rights and employment tribunals has enabled me to assist residents with individual problems they have.

I have served as a school governor for many years and take a keen interest in the welfare and education of young people.

I am also an active trade unionist and secretary of Tyneside Trades Council.

Kathleen Edna Wright (UKIP)

I’m a local lass, born in Watling St a long time ago! I now live in Whiteleas and only recently decided to contest this Ward in the forthcoming council elections.

I joined UKIP because I believe we must extricate ourselves from the EU.

But on a local level, I believe our council needs new blood and new ideas!

Talking to people here in Whiteleas, there is dissatisfaction on a number of issues, mostly easily solvable, but I’m told a touch of cronyism has deflected much of the effort required?

We in UKIP are self-funding and therefore have little money for fancy literature, but we are happy to be judged on performance!

I have a number of schemes I would like to implement to save money, but first I need your support to become your councillor.

Though no miracle worker, I will listen to you.