South Tyneside says guten tag to police officers from German twin town

German police are visiting South Tyneside.
German police are visiting South Tyneside.

Police in South Tyneside welcomed their counterparts from the borough's twin town in Germany.

Northumbria Police first hosted a four-week visit from North Rhine-Westpahlia Police in 2014 - the force covers the city of Wuppertal which is twinned with South Tyneside.

Due to the success of the visit the German force asked if officers could once again visit Northumbria and Christian Luchem and Amelie Kuhn are currently spending time with Pcs Juliet Clark and Jo Pepper from South Shields Neighbourhood Policing Team.

During their four-week visit Christian and Amelie will learn as much as they can about Northumbria Police gaining greater knowledge of the force and how it is structured to share with their colleagues in Germany.

The officers will spend time with the different departments across the force as well as visiting Northumbria Police's state of the art training facility at Follingsby Park.

They will go on patrol with Pcs Clark and Pepper and will learn about neighbourhood policing and the role they have as neighbourhood officers.

And, as part of the visit, the officers visited Jarrow Town Hall where they met the borough's Mayor, Coun Alan Smith.

Chief Inspector Clare Langley said: "We were really pleased to host officers from North Rhine-Westphalia Police two years ago and are delighted that the visit was such a success that Christian and Amelie decided to request coming to visit us this year.

"We're always keen to foster friendships with other forces and this was particularly the case with North Rhine-Westphalia as Wuppertal is twinned with South Tyneside. Opportunities like this are incredibly important to us, it has been a great chance for our German colleagues to see how we police, the tactics used and how this differs to their own force. It has also been a great opportunity for us to take knowledge from them and has allowed us to exchange the best of working practices which will go on to benefit both forces.

"Both Pcs Juliet Clark and Jo Pepper from South Shields Neighbourhood Policing Team played a huge role in facilitating the visit - both in 2014 and this year - and have made sure the officers have been able to fit in as much as possible."

The Mayor of South Tyneside, Coun Alan Smith, said: "It was a pleasure to meet Christian and Amelie from the North Rhine-Westphalia Police force. Visits like this help to further strengthen the long established bonds between South Tyneside and our twin town of Wuppertal in Germany.

"The Mayoress and I were delighted to welcome the officers into Jarrow Town hall and ask them to sign the visitors’ book in the Mayor’s Parlour. We hope that both officers have enjoyed their time in South Tyneside with Northumbria Police and take away what they have learnt about Neighbourhood Policing in the Borough to share with their colleagues in Germany."