South Tyneside teen’s business venture is proving a sweet success

Megan Campbell, 15.
Megan Campbell, 15.

A teenager is hoping for sweet success after launching her first business venture.

Megan Campbell has not even left school but is already carving a successful part-time career selling confectionery at various events.

Success has been sweet for Megan.

Success has been sweet for Megan.

The 15-year-old, who attends Whitburn Church of England Academy, launched her sweet cart business venture – Little Miss Treats – three months ago.

Since then she has received a number of rave reviews and after undergoing a test run at a bowling centre in Washington has been invited back to take a place at its regular events.

Megan, from Hall Gardens, Boldon, said: “It has been really good. I didn’t expect the response I have received at all. It’s just doing really well.

“I’ve always been interested in business and always wanted my own, but because of my age I am restricted in what I can do.

“I would love to have my own business when I’m older and hopefully this will give me the experience I need to achieve that.”

Megan Campbell

“I had some money saved up so I decided to go out a buy a sweet cart, and it went from there. I thought I would target weddings and christenings but then I looked at other events.

“My mam has been really supportive and drives me to different places.”

Megan finances and runs the business herself.

She added: “I would love to have my own business when I’m older and hopefully this will give me the experience I need to achieve that, but I don’t think it will be anything to do with sweets.

“There were some people who thought it wouldn’t 
take off because of my age, but it shows what you can do 
when you work hard at something.”

Her mum Alison Motais said: “I’m just so proud. She has worked really hard to get this off this ground. She is a determined young lady and she hasn’t asked for any help with this at all.

“She has been brought up around business as both her father and I have our own businesses.

“When I drop her off at the events it’s just wonderful to see the passion she has for her business venture, at times I have to stop myself from crying, I am just so proud of her.”

The sweet cart provides customers with a pick and mix-style sweet option and candy floss.

For information on Little Miss Treats or to hire, visit the facebook page