South Tyneside traffic wardens accused of double standards

South Tyneside roads enforcers have been accused of double standards after parking their surveillance vehicle in a bus stop '“ but avoided being ticketed.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 6:00 am
Brian Williams at the bus stop

Their council motor was photographed stopped, empty and unmanned in a location usually off limits to all but buses.

Brian Williams, 35, took the snap after spotting the white 62-plate Peugeot iOn Lawe Road, South Shields, beside the North Marine Park, at about 1pm on Saturday

The traffic wardens car at the bus stop

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He says he returned around 20 minutes later and the car was still there.

Mr Williams alleged other drivers would have been fined for parking in a bus stop.

South Tyneside Council confirmed the vehicle was one of its surveillance cars – but insisted it had every right to park there.

It said the bus stop does not operate on weekends and added its teams have the power to stop in restricted areas - if on active duty.

The no waiting sign

Mr Williams blasted: “It’s one rule for them and one rule for everyone else. I strongly suspect that I would have got a ticket.

“I saw the car and knew straight away that it was a South Tyneside parking enforcement vehicle, it’s got a little recognisable marking on the back.

“It was stopped right in the bus stop and there was no staff member anywhere in sight.

“I can only imagine they must have been out and about looking for people to ticket.”

He added: “I drove back past about twenty to thirty minutes later and it was still there.

“I’ve seen stories recently of council parking wardens ticketing motorists outside a school, which I’m not against if the parking is dangerous.

“But you do get the feeling that there is one rule for council staff and another for the public.”

Council chiefs said its team which regularly patrols that part of South Shields, had broken no law.

A spokesman added: “This bus stop only operates as a bus stop from Monday to Friday and is clearly signed as such. Therefore, it is only enforceable on these weekdays.

“This enforcement action was being carried out on Saturday afternoon.”