South Tyneside young filmmakers put work on display

The youngsters on location in South Shields
The youngsters on location in South Shields

A short film shot in South Tyneside by young people is now available online.

The film - I Wish I Had - was made possible after The Customs House in South Shields received £2,865 from the Community Foundation to fund a project that would encourage young filmmakers particularly women.

The group worked with film director Magali Pettier, whose acclaimed documentary Addicted to Sheep was screened on BBC4 last year.

I Wish I Had tells the story of a young woman looking back at her bucket list as she lies in a hospice bed.

More than 30 people applied to take part in the project and 10 women and three men, aged 25 and under, from around the north east were chosen.

Daniel Clifford, learning and participation officer at The Customs House, said: “Participants were chosen based on enthusiasm, experience, or the particular roles they applied for.

Life's a beach for young film makers

Life's a beach for young film makers

“The young people did everything in the film, including writing, directing and editing, and they learned a lot from Magali over two weekends.

“The first weekend was about coming up with the idea and getting practice on the equipment and finalising everyone’s roles.

“The second weekend was spent shooting the film all around South Shields, including The Customs House, The Word, Crème de la Crème on Ocean Road and the beach.

“In the time between, producers and director had lots of jobs to do to make sure the film was prepared. The emphasis was really put on them achieving something themselves.”

Filming on location in South Shields

Filming on location in South Shields

Georgia Shippen, 24, from South Shields, who has a degree in film and media, was one of the young people who took part.

She said: “Working with a professional film-maker was a really good experience. We had to learn how to make decisions quickly because we knew we had to get everything done in two weekends.

“I think I Wish I Had has a good script and we were very proud of what we managed to achieve in just a few days.”

The eight-minute film premiered at The Customs House earlier this year as part of The Takeover Festival, an arts festival for young people aged 25 and under.

It is now available on the Filmmaking at The Customs House YouTube page here.