Speed camera call outside Boldon park

Barry Curnow is concerned over speeding cars on New Road, Boldon Colliery
Barry Curnow is concerned over speeding cars on New Road, Boldon Colliery

A father wants speed cameras installed to stop drivers going too fast near a children’s play park.

Barry Curnow says too many drivers are breaking the 30mph speed limit on New Road, Boldon Colliery.

Speed camera.

Speed camera.

That, he says, is putting children at risk as they cross the road to reach the park and he fears it is only a matter of time before a child is hurt or killed.

Mr Curnow is calling on South Tyneside Council to take another look at road safety measures around the park and consider installing a speed camera or some other traffic management system to slow drivers down.

South Tyneside council say the road has a good safety record but officials will continue to monitor it.

Mr Curnow, who lives on New Road, said: “I know when the park first opened there was a petition for some kind of crossing to be put in place due to safety concerns over youngsters crossing the road.

There are still a lot of drivers who are speeding.

Barry Curnow

“But it was never actioned.

“My nine-year-old son has now started to use the park and it has made me more aware of the number of vehicles that speed down that road and it is a concern.

“Most drivers are driving within the 30mph speed limit but there are still a lot that aren’t.”

He added: “Kids are going back and forward to the park. It’s only a matter of time before one of them gets injured.”

“There needs to be something done to slow these drivers down on that section of the road.

“I don’t know how much speed cameras cost but surely that would force drivers to slow down.”

The play park was opened in 2009 following calls from residents and local councillors for a place for the area’s young people to play.

It was completed in phases with a skateboard park first and facilities for BMX riders and roller-bladers added a year later.

The park was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Environmental Project and the Community Area Forum.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “New Road has a good safety record.

“The skate park area is well protected by internal fencing and the exit points onto the road are covered by over 120m of pedestrian guardrail.

“At the end points of the barrier there are pedestrian refuges both to help pedestrians cross and to narrow the road and help control traffic speeds. The road is and will continue to be routinely monitored.”