Status Quo picture sparked trip down memory lane

When Sharon met the Quo at a North East gig back in 1986.
When Sharon met the Quo at a North East gig back in 1986.

It’s always good to hear from Time Of Our Lives readers, especially those who recognise themselves in photos taken from the Gazette’s archives.

One such reader is Sharon Brown, who was featured in a recent article, prompted by the news that pop/rockers Status Quo had just announced their last ever electric tour.

Sharon wrote: “I am the lady in the photograph you published in the Shields Gazette on Friday, April 15.

“Wow, talk about a blast from the past seeing that photograph again.

“I remember that night very well. My sister and I went early to meet the band back stage before the concert at the Whitley Bay Ice Rink.

“It was a very cold night, both inside and out, with it being December, and in the Ice Rink, but we soon warmed up.

“It was a great experience meeting Status Quo, they were very down to earth and were very obliging with us, taking photographs and having our photograph taken with them.

“I was also given a signed brochure, which I still have today. Afterwards we took our places in the Ice Rink and watched the brilliant show they did.

“All the songs they sang were brilliant, the majority were all the ones you knew, with a few new ones.

“We both headed home with our heads in the clouds, it had been such a brilliant night.

“I had seen Status Quo earlier the same year, as they supported Queen at their concert at St James’ Park Football Ground, on the July 9, 1986. But I would never have imagined actually meeting the band, which thanks to the Shields Gazette for making that come true.

“It has always been my claim to fame meeting Status Quo and telling people about that night on many an occasion.

“And it is sad also that the band have decided to do a final tour this year.

“They have been rocking all over the world, and it is sad that that will now come to an end this year. But I will always have my memory of that night in 1986, and you never know if you have another competition for their final show, I might just have to enter.

“Many Thanks for the trip down memory lane.”