Stepping back into Shields past

When we posted a photo from 1980 of a woman pushing a pram in Davison Street, in Boldon Colliery, we were sure that it would bring back some wonderfully emotive memories among readers.

Tuesday, 5th December 2017, 8:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 3:02 am
Davison Street, Boldon Colliery, pictured in April 1980 .

And we weren’t disappointed, with many of you taking to Facebook to talk about the area and people who lived there.

Maxine Young posted: “Aww the street I grew up on. Millions of happy memories there. My parents still live in that street and have done for 47 years.”

Joanne Rylance took to social media to say: “My nana and granda lived in this street, next door to Robert Purvis”, while Anthony Brown revealed how “I used to live in that street”.

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Evelyn Foord said: “Lived in that area at that time, and loved my pram like that”, while Helen Baker added: “Awwww my house xx.”

Malcolm Moralee got in touch to say: “First house I bought was 8 Davison Street, happy times.”

Adriaan Van de Lang said: “Reminds me of Owen Street, close-knit community, these days long gone”, while Col Suddick posted: “A time when people got on with it instead of the culture we have now where they whinge if they’ve got to walk ten yards from the car.”

However, Susan Sinclair was not so keen on the area, saying: “Poverty and cold houses.”

Sheryl Davison took to the Gazette’s Facebook page to say: “I used to push my pram like that. I lived in Topping Street in 1987. Bloody good prams, you could sit one on the front and stick your shopping in the tray underneath, ha ha.”

Doreen Robinson also recalled having just such a pram, saying: “Little ones were nice and cosy in the winter, still put outside in the fresh air, hard to push if the snow was too deep. Now they whinge if they can’t park in baby and toddler bays.”

Meanwhile, you also took to social media to make your views known on another of our online questions, namely: “At church, chapel or mission, what are your memories of Christmas services over the years? Are you planning on going to church this Christmas?

Sandra Wilson posted: “I went to Maxwell Hall, in John Clay Street.” Lianne Douglas said: “Yes, but I go all year round!”

Collette Watson suggested that: “St Judes is nice for midnight mass”, while Ruth Blake said: “Definitely. It’s what Christmas is all about. Love it all, including going to church.”

Others who will be going to Christmas services include Jane Mary Robertson and Stanley Stoker, along with Susan Sinclair “if I’m well enough”.

Staying with the subject of Christmas, there was also a good response to our question asking where you plan to do your seasonal shopping.

To accompany a photo of shopping in Jarrow in 1960, we asked: “Where will you be doing your shopping in the run-up to Christmas? Where would you have shopped for presents in years gone by?

Lee Chow took to social media to say: “Used to love going to Woolworths and Binns when I was little, but now Shields has nothing to offer now, so my Christmas shopping will be in Newcastle.”

Christine Davies Alsop posted: “Loved Woolies. I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping at Newcastle, Sunderland and MetroCentre.”

Stephen Griffin posted: “My wife and I shopped there when we worked at Reyrolle’s”, while Barry Feetham revealed how he had just “been to Jarrow, liked the centre”.

But other readers plan to do their shopping a little further afield.

Michelle Whale says: “I really enjoy shopping in Sunderland, just a nice size and the atmosphere is so magical. I also get everything I need. Jarrow is a great place as well.” While Denise Houston adds: “Newcastle has it all, it’s fabulous plus, lovely restaurants and bars.”

Which shops from the past do you miss?