Steven Taylor’s most memorable Sunderland rants – slurs AND praise for club and fans by ex-Newcastle star

Steven Taylor at the centre of a derby confrontation.
Steven Taylor at the centre of a derby confrontation.

Former Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor’s rant about all things Sunderland is not the first time he has slagged the team and its fans off.

The ex-Magpie has hit out at the Black Cats in his latest outburst, calling Sunderland a ‘horrible place’.

But he has previous. Here is some of his previous wisdom:

“When I am warming up their fans have their veins popping out of their necks. It is like I have done something to their family or something. Even when I was just starting out I have always enjoyed that hostility, getting abuse off their fans. It doesn’t bother me that much. I like that sort of thing. It won’t upset me one bit” – October 2012, before the Wear-Tyne derby.

“No. Even last year the gaffer said it, he has our team above Sunderland. That is the quality we possess” – when asked in the same interview if any Sunderland players would get into the Newcastle team. The Magpies had admittedly just finished fifth. But they haven’t won a derby since.

“I would rather go and collect stamps than stick on that shirt” - before the same game. He only just put a Newcastle shirt on, appearing as a late substitute while his team were still ahead. They soon conceded an equaliser.

And as for his response to the Sunderland fans’ response to the above comments:

“A lot of people could have buckled with that” – after Black Cats supporters started singing “we wish you were dead”.

But out of fairness to the lad, he also said:

“One of the biggest things from my point of view is that a lot of respect has got to go to the Sunderland fans for all they have done for John and Liam. That was a massive thing.

“I even think it’s gone a but unnoticed in the build-up to the game. For them to raise over £33,000, and they were just aiming for £100 at the start, for me is amazing. I have a lot of time that for and so do all the lads here” - praising the red and whites for raising money in memory of MH17 plane crash victims John Alder and Liam Sweeney.