Stewart Donald on the six legal cases facing Sunderland - and why they could hit the club financially

Stewart Donald has confirmed that Sunderland are currently engaged in six legal cases involving former managers and players.

Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 9:35 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 10:28 am
Stewart Donald has opened up on the legal challenges facing Sunderland

Speaking on the Roker Rapport Podcast, the Sunderland owner confirmed that the club are still engaged in historic legal proceedings - and admitted that they could pose a financial problem in the short-term should 'sensible terms' not be agreed.

Donald confirmed that legal action with Papy Djilobodji is ongoing and, although he doesn't expect that to cause too many issues, some of the inherited issues may prove to be a blow.

Indeed, the Black Cats are currently dealing with two cases involving former winger Ricky Alvarez and there are also proceedings concerning former managers.

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But the situation is look far more optimistic than it was previously, with the club's new regime having already whittled down the number of cases.

When asked how much time was being spent on legal cases, Donald said: "A lot of time at the moment.

"We've spent a lot of money on lawyers, I'm afraid.

"Ndong was potentially one, but that's gone. Two of them we expect to disappear quite quickly.

"We've got a couple of ex-players, two ex-managers and Alvarez - which is two separate cases."

"I think that's it now, we're down to six from nine."

Donald is now hopeful that these cases can be resolved quickly, and is well aware of the financial implications should Sunderland not be successful.

He admitted that while there is room in the budget for some hiccups, there is still a danger that the cases could affect the Black Cats in the short-term.

"It'll be weeks and months, I hope," admitted Donald.

"These are the only things that really could affect the football club, because we budgeted for one or two to go wrong. Albeit, we don't really think they should.

"There's six cases - four against, and two where we're pursuing.

"If you take the two we're pursuing out of the equation, there's four cases that could leave us liable for quite a bit of money which we don't think should. Three are inherited and one is generated, that one being Papy.

"Papy I don't think will affect us, but the other three have the potential to be a problem.

"We have to get those resolved on sensible terms because they could affect us in the short-term financially."