Sunderland fan who had trousers down at game has season ticket suspended

The Stadium of Light.
The Stadium of Light.

A Sunderland supporter seen with his trousers round his ankles at Saturday's game against Reading has had his season ticket suspended.

Images on social media - which we chose not to publish - showed a fan in the South Stand of the Stadium of Light, naked from the waist down, in his seat during Saturday's 3-1 defeat.

The story made national headlines after rumours circulated that the fan had defecated in his seat, however police later confirmed that that was not the case.

Now, the club have confirmed that the supporter has had his season card suspended.

A spokesman for SAFC said: "The supporter has had his season ticket suspended pending the outcome of a police investigation."

Following the incident Northumbria Police issued a statement which said: "Further to media reports reporting a fan defecated on his seat during the Sunderland v Reading match on Saturday, police would like to clarify that this was not the case.

"A 17-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in/while entering a sports ground and has been dealt with appropriately.

"At no point did he defecate on his seat.

"He has been dealt with by way of a surgery."