Sunderland fans happy to see red over new seats plan

Stewart Donald.
Stewart Donald.

New Sunderland owner Stewart Donald has won praise after announcing he is to replace faded pink seats at the Stadium of Light.

The move to order 31,500 red seats will bring to an end a long-running talking point among Black Cats fans.

Supporters commenting on the Echo’s Facebook page welcomed the move.

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall posted: “It’s a good gesture that helps restore pride in the appearance of our club and promises improvements in future.

“He’s doing this in addition to putting money in for new players and staff so it’s not like we won’t get a squad rejuvenation as well.”

Gary Johnson added: “Great news. The stadium looked battered and run down and the new owners have listened to the fans and acted.

“The day/BBQ will be a great PR exercise to connect the club to the fans again.

“Can’t fault Donald and co at all for this.”

Barry Marshall wrote: “He has recognised an issue that’s been a talking point for ages and sorted it.

“It is not massively important but will make fans (andplayers ?) feel better about SOL.”

David Metcalf said: “It’s not the most important thing for the club, but it shows he’s committed to the club and wants the best for it.”

Kevin Taylor posted: “It is about pride for fans and players because the magnificent stadium was spoiled by those daft seats.”

Michael Stephen Dosh wrote: “Well done Stewart, smarten up a beautiful stadium.”