Sunderland fans’ mixed reaction to ‘pink’ seats campaign over Stadium of Light

SAFC fan James Smallwood has created an online petition to change the faded stadium seats
SAFC fan James Smallwood has created an online petition to change the faded stadium seats

Sunderland fans have had a mixed reaction to a campaign calling for the Stadium of Light’s faded ‘pink’ seats to be replaced.

Lifelong fan James Smallwood has set up a petition on the website as well as a Facebook page calling on chiefs to replace the tired-looking chairs with bright red new ones.

Fellow Black Cats supporters are split over the idea, however, with some for, some against – and some offering ideas on what needs to be done on our Facebook page.

Our poll is also running at 77% in favour of replacing the seats.

Paul Boss Hogg: said: Pink seats are making us a laughing stock. Replace them all and do what Lyndsey says. I think that’s a cracking idea.”

Heather Brown said: “Length of time the stadium has been built it’s high time we replaced the seats. Plenty of other stadiums have red seats that don’t fade regardless of the sun.”

Lyndsey Owen said: “Totally agree! However, surely you can install the seats and cover them in SAFC branded tarpaulin? Prevent any bleaching and probably a cheaper option?”

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall said: “I think we could replace them and then use a cover to protect them from the sun.

“That way we will look more affluent by keeping our stadium in good nick, but will save us the job of having to replace them again for a long,long time. Appearance counts for a lot when trying to attract sponsorship and international fans.”

However, others have different ideas – with some thinking the cash could be better spent.

Tracey Donnelly said: “Spend money on improving our team first its disheartening fighting relegation year after year and if we don’t do it this year we might be in mags place next year. You don’t see tge colour when bums are on seats!!!”

Paul Johnson said: “Here’s an idea, Let Big Sam work his magic in the transfer market, do a Leicester and fill the stadium every single game. Therefore no pink seats will ever be on view.”

Bailey Hunter said: “What is the point of replacing the faded seats because the new seats will start to fade away after a few years?”

Paul J Scrafton said: “I’d prefer we had fans that didn’t fade after 30 minutes of the game – or complain about trivial little things like plastic pink seats! Pink seats aren’t making us a laughing stock.”

Jeenoss Morgan said: “I would rather the money be spent on new signings at the end of the day when your sat in your seat does the colour matter?”

Some fans also had suggestions to get around the problem of fading colours.

Phil Mcphee said: “Why not have white seats where the sun shines down?”

Tom Crangle said: “Black is also our colors the section where they catch the sun could be black.”

Shaun Fox Doneathy said: “Take the seats out – better atmosphere.”