Sunderland fans praise Everton for £200,000 donation to Bradley Lowery

Little Bradley Lowery at the Sunderland v Everton game last night. Pic: Frank Reid.
Little Bradley Lowery at the Sunderland v Everton game last night. Pic: Frank Reid.

Sunderland fans have today been fulsome in their praise for Everton football club after its £200,000 donation helped Bradley Lowery's fund reach its target.

The Goodison Park club made a magnificent gesture to help the family’s Bradley's Fight appeal to raise £700,000.

The five-year-old from Blackhall is battling cancer, and his family are hoping he can have lifesaving treatment only available in the United States.

Bradley was Sunderland's mascot for the match last night against Everton, and thousands of fans chanted his name to help draw attention to his plight.

After the game, the Goodison Park club announced they were donating £200,000 to the fund - and fans urged Sunderland to do the same.

Here's some of their comments:

Chris Henderson: "Everton are true people's club. Massive respect to club and fans."

Nigel Roberts: " Excellent from Everton. How proud was that little lad to lead his heroes out, then they put on a display like that? I think every SAFC player involved should donate this week's wages to the fund, as they certainly haven't earned them."

Neil Foster: "I too applaud Everton FC for this incredible gesture and call on Mr. Ashley to match it. But where is the donation from his home club? They and the players must be digging deep, surely?"

Victoria Sewell: "Exactly. Where is Sunderland's donation? That little boy loves the club, it's the least they can do!"

Trish McGee: "Absolutely brilliant, good on you Everton."

Sharon Boyd: "Wow, fantastic, such a shame he and other children have to travel this far for treatment. Well done Everton."

John Spencer: "Classy move Everton, well done."

Graeme Willis: "Get your hand in your pocket £llis Short or hang your head in.shame."

Marie Bray: "I can honestly say I'm so proud to be a born and bred Evertonian tonight. Well done guys xx."

Eric Pointon: "Fantastic Everton, thank you so very much. Well SAFC, what are you going to do?"

Heather Allan Duggan: "If every Premier team did this at the weekend there would be enough raised. I've always said if every Premier team donated their last week's wages on the last match of the season to local charities and charities like this it would make up for the ridiculous pay the players get."

Sue Hollins: "Come on SAFC ...put your hands in your pockets as well!"

Terry Torode: "That's why us Blues are called 'the people's club' - even us supporters donated as well. Go get yourself sorted young 'un. We will be with you."

Debra Harris: "Amazing club, I'm now a Everton fan. You really have helped to get our beautiful North East boy lifesaving treatment and I thank you from the bottom of my heart #theresonlyonebradleylowery."

Allan Mawson: "NUFC have shared his JustGiving page on the fans' pages and people are donating as we speak. We are urging the club to donate too. Some things are bigger than rivalries."