Sunderland’s Stadium of Light top of the league for 4G banter

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Sunderland’s Stadium of Light has been revealed as the Premier League’s top spot for football banter and score sharing via 4G.

A study by smartphone retailer, in partnership with OpenSignal, has measured the average upload and download speeds offered at stadiums throughout the UK.

It places Sunderland at the top of the league with an average download speed of 28.52Mbps and upload speed of 19.08Mbps, followed by Leicester City, Everton, Southampton and Liverpool.

Newcastle United sit mid-table, in 12th place.

Headed for relegation, on the other hand, are Stoke City, Manchester City and Swansea City. In 2014 Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium became the first Premier League ground to offer free Wi-Fi.

The fastest overall speed offered by one single network comes from Vodafone at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, with download and upload highs of 28.52Mbps and 19.08Mbps respectively.

EE is the network with the biggest presence on the leader board, providing the best download speeds at 15 of the stadiums and the fastest uploads at 13.

New comer Cloud 9 Mobile, meanwhile, makes some promising appearances in London, Manchester and Swansea.

Abby Francis, spokesperson for, said: “Connectivity at football grounds affects both fans and their clubs, with fans being able to keep one eye on other games taking place, and clubs benefiting from increased online and social interaction.

“Free Wi-Fi would be a natural next step, particularly for clubs looking to increase their revenue and overcome connectivity issues during peak times. MLS team Sporting KC installed Wi-Fi at their ground and launched an app to allow to order food and drink in 2013, resulting in a 40% increase in match-day revenues.

“Fans will need to have a say in how far this goes, though. The issue of spending more time looking at their phones, and not enough watching the action on the pitch, is a contentious one and has been known to cause protests.”

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