Sunderland v Newcastle: Which club was responsible for most arrests on trains last year?

A police officer.
A police officer.

Figures have been released showing how many football-related arrests were made on trains last year.

From 2015/16, crime on the railway has increased for the first time in 10 years, by 4%, the equivalent of 2,030 offences.

Adding to crime problems on the transport network, football-related arrests made by the British Transport Police (BTP) has risen for the fourth year running.

In fact, 22% of all football-arrests are made by the British Transport Police

Football ticket sales site,, has considered the issue of hooliganism on British Rails by analysing data from the Home Office and a Freedom of Information request, released by the BTP, about football-related arrests in 2016.

The organisation found that 30% of incidents were committed by Premier league team fans, while 31% were committed by Championship team fans.

Newcastle United FC accounted for 12% of all Premier League incidents on the British Transport Network in 2016, while rivals Sunderland AFC accounted for 6%.

There were 28 reported incidents for Newcastle United FC, 12 for Sunderland.

Specific incidents released include:


26/09/2015 A dispersal notice was issued to a number of fans in order to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour being committed.Section 34 (BTP) Newcastle United

03/10/2015 A member of the public sent a tweet reporting intimidating drunk supporters who were chanting on the service. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour) Newcastle United - Away

17/10/2015 Male using threatening behaviour and language towards another. Drunkenness Newcastle United

25/10/2015 Supporter given PND after continually behaving in an abusive manner. Disorderly Behaviour (S5) Newcastle United - Away

25/10/2015 A fan was witnessed by a police officer at the station holding a lit firework

(sparkler) before throwing it onto the railway tracks.Endangering Safety (Pyrotechnic)Newcastle United - Away

31/10/2015 After a group of fans alighted the service, one of the males punched one of the gates and smashed the customer display unit, causing criminal damage.Criminal Damage Newcastle United

31/10/2015 A group of intoxicated fans were abusive towards a mother and daughter, making sexual references.Sexual Touching Newcastle United

28/11/2015 Male heard repeatedly shouting and swearing on train despite warnings from officers to stop. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour)Newcastle United - Away

28/11/2015 Group of supporters were loud, obnoxious, and using foul and abusive language. The group was warned by officers however three males within the group continued to act anti-socially. Drunkenness Newcastle United - Away

23/01/2016Male fan was heard swearing loudly and warned several times. Male continued, including shouting loudly and intimidatingly towards two school girls who walked past.Disorderly Behaviour (S5)Newcastle United - Away

23/01/2016A member of rail staff reported half a dozen intoxicated male fans behaving disorderly on the service and staff were struggling to contain their behaviour.Disorderly Behaviour (S5)Newcastle United - Away

23/01/2016Report from member of public of male swearing loudly and repeatedly.Disorderly Behaviour (S5) Newcastle United - Away

23/01/2016 On departure, male was heard using foul and abusive language in front of young passengers.Disorderly Behaviour (S5 )Newcastle United - Away

23/01/2016 Fan was heard swearing loudly. Several warnings were given by officers as there were a group of school children in the same carriage and teachers were complaining. Disorderly Behaviour (S5)Newcastle United - Away

20/03/2016 Male fan was being removed by officers after being involved in altercation with rival fans when he was approached by a rival fan who punched him in the face. Common Assault Newcastle United

20/03/2016 Fan was ejected from bar on station. As he was being escorted from premises, male was verbally abusive, swearing, spitting and refusing to calm down. Drunkenness Newcastle United

20/03/2016 Three fans were arrested after being seen fighting and grappling at the taxi rank in the station. Affray (S3) Newcastle United


09/01/2016 Male witnessed shouting swear words continuously. Male was given several warnings before being arrested.Disorderly Behaviour (S5)Sunderland - Away

16/01/2016 Group of fans were ejected from service as they were intoxicated and behaving inappropriately. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour)Sunderland - Away

16/01/2016 Group of intoxicated fans ejected from service and warned not to drink anymore. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour)Sunderland - Away

16/04/2016 Two male fans were reported by train staff as being abusive and causing a nuisance to other passengers. While being transported, one of the suspects was found to be in possession of drugs. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour)Sunderland - Away

16/04/2016 A male fan was punched and pushed by two rival fans after some 'banter'. ABH Sunderland - Away

15/05/2016 A text was sent reporting that there were fans on-board shouting lewd football chants, swearing, and being generally unruly including pouring alcohol. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour)Sunderland - Away

08/08/2015 Seven males boarded a train and began chanting, jumping on the seats, dancing on the tables and lying in the overhead luggage racks. Byelaw 6 (disorderly behaviour)Sunderland - Away

29/08/2015 Two males arrested after train guard was threatened and verbally abused.Threatening Behaviour (S4) Sunderland - Away

03/10/2015 Fan arrested for threatening or abusive conduct, possession of cocaine, and police assault.Assault Police Sunderland