'Sunderland's new kit looks like an old shopping bag' - Black Cats fans react to club's controversial new kit

Sunderland's new kit is out and social media is in meltdown over the new design.

Sunday, 11th June 2017, 1:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 2:58 pm
SAFC fans

A butcher's apron and an old shopping bag are just some of the descriptions of the controversial new design, which is a big change from last season's offering.

Here's some reaction from Twitter...

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@Doddsytweet Hey, look familiar? Can't beat a bit of Bully! New #safc kit perhaps??

@sam_butler the new kit is the football strip equivalent of calling an early election...#safc

@leesafc2 Just can't get my head round this one. #safc

@dantownsley87 Hell on about this new home strip mind! Least it seems to have taken peoples minds of the fact we have no manager, players or plan #safc

@bluemood37 #SAFC What were you thinking? Who thought the new kit was a good idea??!!

@mdotmac Stripes...thousands of them!!!

@kenfarn23 #SAFC "adidas here's our budget for a new strip" #adidas "leave it with us"

@sam_butler if football kits were politicians i reckon the new #safc kit is a toss up between @HackneyAbbott or @teresamayMP too close to call right now

@Parkersafc To maximise commercial revenue the club needed the home top to be a banger this year. Sadly I can't see many buying that #safc

@nathanr184 On second thoughts it does look to much like a shopping bag you use to get #safc

While positives are few and far between among the SAFC faithful, some did express their pleasure at the new launch.

@mdotmac I actually quite like the new #safc kit. At least it is completely different to the last 3 seasons where the kits were almost identical.