Support grows for Gazette’s A19 safety campaign

A typical traffic queue at Testo's Roundabout
A typical traffic queue at Testo's Roundabout

More backing has been given to our drive to make the A19 a safer road and helps South Tyneside businesses thrive.

Our campaign is calling on the Government to carry out an inquiry into the route and put in measures to cut the number of collisions and delays.

More than 690 people have also signed our petition in support of the Safe A19 campaign.

Yesterday, Durham County Council and Hrtlepool Council joined the campaign - which was sprked by Easington MP Grahame Morris, who has been lobbying Parliament to take a look at the issue.

Last year 71 people sustained injuries as a result of 36 crashes between Wolviston and Testo’e Roundabout at Boldon, with a total of 88 vehicles involved in those incidents.

Mr Morris is calling on people to tweet the Department for Transport via @transportgovuk using the hashtags #A19 #RoadSafety #InvestInTheNorth and #SafeA19 to press for a review.

Durham County Council has supported Safe A19 in the hope a better roadway can support the region’s growth.

Councillor Carl Marshall, cabinet member for economic regeneration, said: “While the A19 is not our responsibility, we recognise its importance for both County Durham and the wider region as a transport link which supports many businesses and helps to attract investment, with obvious benefits for the economy.

“We support any moves to improve safety on the road and therefore welcome the Safe A19 campaign.”

Hartlepool Borough Council has already been in discussions with the Highways Agency to create a £18million bypass at Elwick Village, which could be in place by 2020 should the plans be finalised and financed.

The scheme would see a bridge built over the carriageway to replace a dangerous junction.

Councillor Kevin Cranny, the council’s deputy leader and transport lead on the Tees Valley Combined Authority, said: “As a council, we will always wholeheartedly support any move towards making our roads safer.

“We are continuing to work closely with Highways England, the organisation responsible for the maintenance and improvement of our country’s major A roads, to offer our support for essential changes that will lead to long-term solutions.

“Currently we are working to consider a bypass scheme at Elwick, which will hopefully help to alleviate high volumes of traffic and aim to reduce the number of accidents.”

Northumbria Police has also backed the appeal to Government while Durham and Cleveland forces have urged drivers to take care on the dual carriageway.

The petition can be signed via