Susie skates off TV show

SOUTH Shields ice queen Susie Lipanova has skated off ITV1's Dancing On Ice.

She and her partner, former athlete Steve Backley, failed to impress judges in the final skate-off last night, losing out to actress Zaraah Abrahams.

The 33-year-old's family – watching the hit show at their Westoe home – went through a nail-biting time as the results were revealed. Dad Jeff Humble, 65, said today: "To be fair we'd started to get used to the drama of the skate-offs because they'd been in them for a few weeks, but yes, we were disappointed when we realised she'd been voted off."

Despite the disappointment, Mr Humble added how proud and delighted he is of his talented daughter.

He said: "Any parent in my position would be proud. To see their daughter perform week after week in so many beautiful costumes was fantastic."

The show's judges are notorious for their harsh words, but mum Ann thought they were quite reasonable last night.

She said: "At the end of the day it's a competition and someone has to lose. They did their best and considering Steve's height being 6ft 5in I think they did extremely well. Plus he had a tough time with his hip, so with all the odds against them it was fantastic they came so far."

Susie is due to return to South Shields tomorrow, where she'll be reunited with her three-year-old son Sasha, along with husband and former Dancing On Ice professional skater Andrei Lipanov – who was voted off in week two.

Mrs Humble added: "We can't wait to see her again, no doubt we'll be doing something special to celebrate."