Taxi passengers ‘can’t get enough’ of karaoke cab

Cabbie karaoke is hitting the right notes as taxi passengers queue up to belt out their favourite songs.

Taxi boss Simon Oliver has created a ‘karaoke cab’, encouraging his customers to sing along as they enjoy their journey.

Green Dot Taxis Simon Oliver, has created Cabbie Karaoke for his customers.

Green Dot Taxis Simon Oliver, has created Cabbie Karaoke for his customers.

Simon, who owns Boldon-based Green Dot Taxis, has always enjoyed entertaining his passengers with their favourite music.

Since he started recording them singing along – inspired by James Corden’s carpool karaoke series – they have been queuing up to make their own ‘karaoke cab’ videos.

Simon, 38, said he had the idea for the concept after he and nine-year-old daughter Jasmine recorded themselves singing along to the soundtrack of hit Disney movie Frozen.

The dad-of-four, from West Boldon, says his passengers now cannot get enough.

People just can’t seem to get enough of it

Simon Oliver

He said: “The taxi was always known by many as the ‘party bus’, because I always played the music passengers requested.

“Then when the video of my little girl singing went down so well, and I also saw the James Corden carpool karaokes with celebrities, I thought ‘why not do it with normal people?’

“It has just gone from there, and it’s unbelievable how many people we get asking if they can hire the ‘karaoke cab’.

“People just can’t seem to get enough of it.”

Green Dot Taxis Simon Oliver

Green Dot Taxis Simon Oliver

Simon, who has been running Green Dot since 2013, has posted his growing collection of videos on Facebook and YouTube, with thousands of people viewing them.

He says that he simply wants to ensure people have an enjoyable time while in the taxi.

He added: “They all know about it beforehand – I would never record anyone without their permission.

“It’s amazing how it’s really taken off.

“People love to watch themselves and people they know online.

“I’d say we’ve built up an audience well into the tens of thousands of people.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into it over the last six months or so, because prior to that it had mainly been about playing tunes for people.

“It’s often people coming back from parties so they’re always in good spirits.

“It’s not about finding the best singer or anything like that – it’s just about having a good time.”

Simon drives an eight-seat minibus for Green Dot, which mainly serves the Boldons, Cleadon and Whitburn.