Teenage Tory trio out to end Labour’s ‘one-party state’ at elections

Teenage Conservative candidates  Jack White, left, and Craig Robinson.
Teenage Conservative candidates Jack White, left, and Craig Robinson.

A trio of Conservative council candidates are getting their teenage kicks out of politics – after vowing to inject some young blood into the borough’s “one-party state”.

Craig Robinson, Sam Prior and Jack White, who are all 19, are hoping to turn back Labour’s red tide when they vie for votes in next month’s local elections.

At the moment it is a one-party state.

Jack White

The true blue teens are hoping to provide a stronger opposition voice in the town hall chambers, which are dominated by Labour councillors.

The Labour Party has 52 out of 54 electoral ward seats in South Tyneside – with only Independent councillor Lee Hughes and Conservative Jeff Milburn in the opposition ranks.

The Conservative team are hitting the campaign trail hard in a bid to provide an alternative at the ballot box with Craig Robinson standing in Harton, Jack White up for election in West Park and Sam Prior in Westoe.

Jack White said: “We need to provide some sort of opposition on South Tyneside Council.

“At the moment, it is a one-party state.

“I would like to see free car parking introduced throughout the borough.

“This is especially important in the town centre.”

Fellow candidate Craig Robinson, is hoping to build on his campaign experience.after standing last year.

Mr Robinson said: “I would like to build up my votes from last year.

“We went to show that the Conservative Party is alive and kicking in South Tyneside.

Mr Robinson and Mr White are also eager to claw back vital public funds – by slashing the number councillors in each ward from three to two.