Teenager found bound and gagged in South Shields park: incident sparks call for yob crackdown

Cleadon Park
Cleadon Park

Residents living near to a trouble-hit park are calling for action to tackle drunken youngsters plaguing the area.

The call was sparked by a grandmother who was left distraught after discovering her grandson had been targeted by those gathering in the Cleadon Park area - just off Quarry Lane, South Shields.

Coun Alex Donaldson

Coun Alex Donaldson

The teenager had been found by a friend after being bound and gagged by a group of drunken youths.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, said: “I’d gone up looking for him as we were told he was up there and that people were drinking and smoking.

“When we got there, there were about 40 kids drinking.

“I asked if they knew where he was and all we got was abuse. I phoned the police, a car pulled up and drove off. I phoned again but no one came.

Something needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt.


“He was brought home later by a friend. He was found tied to a swing with rope pushed into his mouth.”

She added: “There were problems up there before, but it calmed down. Now the problems have returned. Something needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt.

“I’d hate to think of one of them being left drunk in the park on their own.”

In the past police patrols have been stepped up to tackle the disorder. However, residents say the issues have returned.

Cleadon Park Councillor, Alex Donaldson says he has also been contacted by a number of residents who say they are being targeted by youths stealing wheelie bins.

He said a bus stop in the area was also smashed by drunken youths.

He said: “We really need to get this nipped in the bud. We need people to report this kind of behaviour to police. Even if officers don’t come out, get it reported so it is logged and they are aware of the scale of the issue.

“The problems have been passed to the council and police and meetings are taking place to address it.”

A South Tyneside Council spokesman said: “Cleadon Park and Recreation Ground is a valued public space. Unfortunately there is small minority of young people who spoil it for others.

“We recognise the distress caused to local people - in particular our older residents - as a result of the thoughtless and reckless behaviour of these young people.

“We take these acts of crime and anti-social behaviour extremely seriously and continue to work closely with our partners, including Police and South Tyneside Homes, to tackle this issue.

No comment was available from Northumbria Police.

Police can be contacted on 101.