Teenager Jack Brown leaves senior rivals trailing in his wake in South Shields run

Jack Brown, an 18-year-old junior aged 18 from Jarrow and Hebburn AC, left his senior rivals behind with a resounding victory in the South Shields Parkrun on Saturday.

Monday, 17th September 2018, 4:46 pm
Jack Brown.

Over the 5km course on the Leas, Brown forged clear of Elswick’s Corey Brown, finishing 16 seconds clear with 17;29.

Richard Harrison, also from the Jarrow club, was third in 18;14 with Jeff McGurty, from South Shields Harriers, seventh in 20:12 and first over-40.

Jarrow’s Malcolm Leece was eighth in 20:25 and second over-40 with Shields’ Jay Bowley 10th in 20:32 and third over-40.

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Carl Mowatt was 11h in 20:32 and first over-55 with Miles Weston 12th in 20:35 and first over-45.

Ian Walton was 14th in 21:03 and fourth over-40 with Craig Robe 15th in 21:03 and David Lyall 16th in 21:12.

Adam Hodgson finished 18th in 21;21 with Mark Hodgson 19th in 21:22.

John McCarthy was 28th in 22:17 with Colin Robson 30th in 22:22.

Brian Henderson was 36th in 22:51 and first over-60 with Jarrow junior Joseph Martin 43rd in 23;06.

Shields’ Kevin Kidger was 46th in 23:10 and fourth over-55 with Chris Ayre 47th in 23:13 and Jarrow’s Michael McNally 58th in 23:51 and fifth over-55.

Ian Maughan was 59th in 23:53 and fifth over-45 with Vadim Novokhrost 60th in 23:54 and sixth over-45.

Jarrow’s Andrew Hudson was 65th in 24:34 with Shields’ Jalal Amin 68th in 24:54 and Steven Davis 77th in 25:32.

David Lockney was 79th in 25:47 with Isaac Borrell, only 10, 105th in 31:08.

Rachel Adamson of Tyne Bridge finished 25th overall in the mixed field of 229, winning the women’s title in 21:43.

Jenna Killock from the Jarrow club was second in 23:51 with Shields’ Jemma Amin third in 23:51 and Kellie Campbell fourth in 24:15.

Jarrow’s Shafaika Radman was eighth in 26:06 with Shields’ Rosemary Anthony 10th in 26:54.

Jeanette Hewitson was 15th in 28:17 and third over-50 with Alison Kidger 16th in 28:17 and fourth over-45.

Susan Burgess was 21st in 29:17 with Oksana Novokhrost 22nd in 29:18 and second over-40.

Lynn Alain was 31st in 30:19 and fifth over-45 with Evie Robertson, a junior under 14, 32nd in 30:34.

Lesley Wallace was 34th in 30:42 and sixth over-50 with Katie Davison 36th in 31:32.

Victoria Borrell was 39th in 32:07 with Beth Foster 40th in 32:32.

Samantha Ali was 45th in 33:13 with Julia Barnshaw 46th in 33:13.

Leanne Defty was 61st in 27:31 with Kayla Adams, a junior under-14, 64th in 38:24.

Ruth Anderson, 82, was 65th female in 38:57 with Michelle Loftus 68th in 46:41.

Jarrow’s Susan McNally was 69th in 48:33 with Shields’ Amadee Sudan 73rd in 57:46.