Teenager who survived South Shields cliff fall will feature in Emergency Helicopter Medics TV show

A teenager who is lucky to be alive after falling 20ft from a cliff will get the chance to see the medical team who brought him to safety in action.

Robbie Drew and his mam Lizzy Stavers being filmed for More 4's new series of Emergency Helicopter Medics.
Robbie Drew and his mam Lizzy Stavers being filmed for More 4's new series of Emergency Helicopter Medics.

Robbie Drew suffered serious injuries after landing on rocks at Manhaven Bay, South Shields, in early August last year.

The 15–year–old from of Marshall Wallis Road, South Shields, ended up being flown by the Great North Air Ambulance (GNAA) to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle where he needed surgery to his left knee and a skin graft.

Robbie’s parents Lizzy Stavers and Neil Drew were later informed that More 4 was filming their latest series of Emergency Helicopter Medics, during the two-hour rescue mission of their son.

Permission was given to allow Robbie’s footage to be aired on the series and the episode featuring the Mortimer Community College pupil will be shown on Sunday at 9pm.

Lizzy, a children’s social services worker, said: “I remember standing on the cliffs after Robbie had fallen and all the emergency services were dashing to him.

“I had spotted a man with a camera, but I was just so worried about him.

Emergency services at the scene of Robbie's accident.

“Then a little while later in hospital the production company explained they had been filming with the GNAA for the latest series of the show and asked for permission to use the footage.

“They explained that it doesn’t always make the final cut, but then we found out that Robbie would be in the second episode.”

Robbie, who spent two weeks in hospital, was taken back to near the scene of his accident, which happened after rocks crumbled beneath his feet.

Lizzy said: “We didn’t go to the exact spot of the accident, we filmed near to the Marsden Grotto, that was hard enough for Robbie.

“I think it brought a lot of memories back for him, as he wasn’t feeling very good during the visit.

“I think I will have mixed emotions watching the show. Robbie is looking forward to seeing it and he’s made sure I am not at work so I don’t miss it.

“I think it will be nice for people to see there’s been a happy ending to it all.”

Robbie is now back to playing football, but will need further visits with his doctors and surgeons to make sure the plates in his leg remain suitable.

Lizzy said: “As Robbie grows he may need further operations on the plates in his leg. There’s also the chance he could have plastic surgery on the wound, but he seems okay with the way it is for now. He’s been so lucky.”