Teenagers set dog on fox in brutal attack: Animal now returned safely to the wild

A fox that was cornered by youths who set a dog on it has been returned to the wild with a clean bill of health, the RSPCA said.

Police shared a photo of the terrified male cowering in a corner after it was attacked on Monday night.

The attacked fox

The attacked fox

Officers rescued the animal, while youths continued to kick the fence despite the arrival of police.

The fox was taken away by an RSPCA officer and checked by a vet. After getting the all-clear, the fox was released into the wild on Tuesday night, seemingly unharmed by his ordeal.

Video shared by the animal charity showed the creature curled up in his box, then running off into a copse under the cover of darkness.

The incident happened in Beechwood Avenue, Middlesbrough.

The fox after the attack.

The fox after the attack.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said: "An RSPCA officer collected the fox on Monday night and took him to a local veterinary practice to be checked over.

"Fortunately he wasn't injured and after a night at the vets was given a clean bill of health and, after consultation with fox experts, was released back into the wild last night.

"Anyone with any specific information about what happened should call Cleveland Police or the RSPCA on our appeal line 0300 123 8018 and ask to leave a message for inspector Lucy Hoehne."