'The question is does he want it?': 10 things you said about a possible political comeback by David Miliband

David Miliband
David Miliband

Friends and admirers of David Miliband have called for the former South Shields MP to make a political return as the Labour Party continues to wage civil war.

With leader Jeremy Corbyn seeing many of his Shadow Cabinet quit and now awaiting the result of a secret ballot of MPs in a no confidence motion, Mr Miliband has been put forward by some as a possible new leader.

A Gazette poll saw 90% of readers in favour of Mr Miliband, idenifying him as the man to save Labour.

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Here is what you had to say:

Rob Paris: "Yes bring him back. The worst thing the Labour Party did was to galvanise the left and allow his brother to win. If David had been leader Labour would have won the last election ... He is the best person for the job. If Labour don't Corbyn will split the party and there will be no credible opposition in Whitehall."

David Cook: "If he comes back Labour is a dead duck and will be another extension of Conservatives, just like Nick Clegg was for the Liberal Democratics."

David Pritchard: "The question is does he want it?"

Paul Lovell: "Labour needs to get back to representing the working classes and NOT big business! DAVID MILLIBAND IS BIG BUSINESS."

Robert Ambrose: "No, he's been gone too long."

Mary Lockey: "Cant blame him for leaving he had his brother and the unions stab him in the back."

Jon Little: "Another Blair man. Why do people apparently want him? Because of where he represented? Brilliant reason."

Tony Bainbridge: "Not at all, Corbyn is what this country needs."

Alan Gibson: "Corbyn has no chance he needs sacked asap."

Shellerella Blankington-Smythe: "Nope, don't want him. He had his chance."