The South Shields beauty spot spoiled by dog dirt

Coun Alex Donaldson is concerned at the amount of dog dirt in Cleadon Park.
Coun Alex Donaldson is concerned at the amount of dog dirt in Cleadon Park.

DOG walkers are being urged to pick up their pet’s mess at a South Tyneside beauty spot.

Over the last few months dog fouling has become a problem in Cleadon Recreational Park, off Quarry Lane, South Shields.

People need to take care of Cleadon Park so it stays nice for everyone.

Coun Alex Donaldson, said

And a number of the park’s users are also leaving a lot of litter behind, making the area look a mess.

Coun Alex Donaldson, one of the ward’s three Labour representatives, is now urging people to clean up after their pets and to place their rubbish in the bin.

He said: “Nobody has any issue with dog walkers taking their pets into the park, after all it’s there to be enjoyed by everyone and it’s very popular with a lot of people.

“All we are asking is that if their dog does its business, then to simply pick it up and put it in one of the many bins within the area to keep the place clean.

“At a weekend the lads are playing football on those fields, and they’re sliding about all over the place, so it’s really not very nice that there’s potentially dog muck there.”

Coun Donaldson is also concerned by the amount of water bottles and drinks cartons left behind after the football matches.

He said: “There’s a lot of bottles and cartons which are just left scattered all over the place after the matches.

“I know one lady goes along and picks them up in her own time, and a few others also take it upon themselves to help clear up.

“But if people just put their rubbish in the bins provided in the first place then we wouldn’t have any of these problems.”

He added: “Cleadon Rec is a lovely little park, it’s one of our local beauty spots, and people need to take care of it so it stays nice for everyone.”