These are the top 50 bad mood triggers - which ones annoy you?

The weather is cold, your computer isn't working and you've been wide awake staring at the ceiling all night ...

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017, 10:05 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:01 pm
What puts you in a bad mood? Picture: Pixabay.

But which one of these little things really puts you in a grump?

On average, Brits spend 20 months of their life (or around 10 days every year) in a bad mood.

And it could all be caused by the little things that grind us down on a daily basis.

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Two-thirds of the 2,000 people questioned for the study also admitted that they would call themselves a "moody person".

A list of the top 50 grievances for those in a bad mood has been drawn up - along with the things that could possibly break your bad mood.

Cuddles, laughing with a friend and a good old piece of chocolate are only some of the remedies to rude people, a stressful day at work and Donald Trump.

Has your pet peeve made the list?

1. A bad night's sleep

2. Technology problems

3. An argument with your partner

4. Poor manners - please thank you, holding door open etc

5. Rude staff

6. A stressful day at work

7. Having no money

8. Rain

9. Cold calls

10. Traffic jams

11. An unexpected bill

12. Walking behind really slow people

13. Negativity

14. Cold weather

15. People bumping into you and not saying sorry

16. Call centres

17. Long queues in shops

18. Stepping in dog mess

19. Your boss

20. Getting splashed by a passing car

21. A late night

22. Hunger

23. Public transport delays

24. Being too hot

25. Jobsworths

26. Donald Trump

27. PMS

28. The items you want being out of stock

29. People talking loudly in the cinema

30. Bad weather on holiday

31. Clothes not fitting properly

32. Children not doing what they're told

33. Not being appreciated at work

34. People using their phones while eating

35. Spilling something on a new item of clothing

36. Not having WiFi

37. Old people driving

38. Being hungover

39. People speaking loudly on public transport in the mornings

40. Getting in trouble at work

41. Shops being closed when you arrive

42. An inactive sex life

43. Missing a train

44. Having a bad hair day

45. Self-scanning tills in shops

46. Getting a bad spot

47. Running out of loo roll

48. Making a cup of tea only to find the milk has run out or gone off

49. Friends cancelling a social engagement

50. Piers Morgan

The research was carried out by A.Vogel Herbal Remedies.