'˜They are nothing but a nuisance' - readers back call to let police knock over rogue bikers

A councillor who has called on police drivers to be given powers to knoch rogue motor bike riders off their machines has been backed by readers.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 1:29 pm
Updated Friday, 7th December 2018, 1:55 pm
Rogue motor bike riders are a problem in South Tyneside.

Coun Jeff Milburn wants Northumbria Police to adopt tactice being used by the Metropolitan Police who use specially-trained ‘Skorpion’ officers in cars to knock offenders off motorcycles as they tried to escape from so-called “scooter snatch” robberies.

London has a problem with pillion passengers on scooters and motor bikes snatching bags, purses and mobile phones from pedestrians.

Coun Jeff Milburn.

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Coun Milburn told a meeting of West Shields, Cleadon and East Boldon Community Area Forum that he was to ask Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Dame Vera Baird, to allow the tactice to be used by officers in South Tyneside - where there is a long-standing problem with off-road and rogue motor bike riders.

He said: “At every meeting we talk about these motorcyclists who ride around our area without number plates, pulling wheelies, kicking cars and they cause all sorts of trouble.

“We now see that officers with the Metropolitan Police come round and take them out. I don’t want to see people get hurt but, equally, who is it that gets hurt?”

Northumbria police say there are no plans to introduce the Met Police tactic in the North East and they are making progress in beating motorcycle crime.

Karl Williams used out Facebook account to say; “I’ve seen them racing up Harton lane - on the pavement, on the wrong side of the road, no helmets, and probably no licence or insurance.

“They’re a menace on the roads and deserved to be stopped any means.”

David Mills added: “Yes. knock them off their bikes. This action would be well overdue.”

Kelli Bruce wrote: “Yes. I totally agree. They are nothing but a nuisance.”

Joanne Dry added: “They are a scurge on society. It’s about time the police had some backing and preventative measures.

“None of the softly do gooder approaches work.”