'They should be banned completely' - Reader comments about sale of high-caffeine energy drinks

Drinks with a high proportion of sugar and caffeine have been in the news a lot lately - and now you've been having your say about them.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 1:05 pm
Updated Friday, 5th January 2018, 1:10 pm
How often do you consume energy drinks?

Supermarket giant Waitrose yesterday announced that they will be barring the sale of so-called "high caffeine" energy drinks to under-16s from March.

Existing industry labelling guidelines require any soft drink with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre to carry a high-caffeine content warning. They also state that such drinks are not recommended for children.

Waitrose said its decision was built on the above guidelines.

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Read more: Should high-caffeine energy drinks be sold to under-16s?

We asked you if these drinks should be sold to youngsters under 16 - and dozens of you got in touch to share your views. You also took part in our online poll - with 86% of you answering "no".

Here's what you've been saying on Facebook:

Diane Pearce: "No they shouldn’t. I see the kids walking to the senior school on a morning with a can in their hands. They don’t need it at their age!"

Stephen Bushy Bamberough: "If cannabis is illegal then these should definitely be illegal. Since I've stopped drinking them I've lost 3 stone and I feel a lot more balanced."

Joanne Gibson: "The responsibility is on the company that produces them. I can’t imagine under-16s looking for ingredients before they buy, parents should educate their kids and manufacturers should stop including in the product."

Chris King: "Should be over-18s and also stop selling in multipacks, should only be sold as single units with a limit to how many you can purchase at one time."

Stewart Boyle: "Any under-16 who needs an energy drink to feel a boost needs to have a good look at themselves."

Allison Bissett: "Any fizzy drink shouldn't be sold to children."

Norma Haskins: "No it can give them a heart attack. They are bad for adults and the sugar content is unreal."

Emma Haran: "Definitely not for child or adult consumption! The companies need to stop making these drinks in the first place. High sugar and caffeine content?

"Not to mention the irregular heart beat, fainting, fitting and even death in some cases. Disgusting drinks. Shops should not be allowed to sell them at all."

Rob Tindale: "No! Why would kids need energy?"