Thieves steal South Shields man’s ‘lifeline’ scooter

David Donaldson's electric scooter has been stolen
David Donaldson's electric scooter has been stolen

A man who suffers with mental health problems has told of his devastation after his ‘lifeline’ electric scooter was stolen.

Davey Donaldson, 44, was left stunned when his silver Sakura scooter was taken from outside his friend Wayne Riley’s home in Highfield Road, South Shields, early yesterday morning.

The stolen scooter

The stolen scooter

Mr Donaldson says the scooter was his only mode of transport because his condition makes using pupblic transport a problem.

He now fears he will be left house-bound.

Police are investigating.

Mr Donaldson, of Hyde Street, South Shields, said: “I was staying at my friend’s house, and in the morning we realised that the scooter was gone.

“That was my one mode of transport and now it has gone. That leaves me confined to the house now.

“I’m devastated.”

Mr Donaldson had only had the scooter for a month, but it had already become hugely important to his life.

Because of his mental health issues, he is unable to use public transport, so had become reliant on the scooter.

He added: “This was a new scooter which had been bought for my birthday by a friend last month. It meant everything to me. It was a lifeline. The scooter was the only thing which made my happy, and I can’t believe that someone would take it.

“It was my only way of getting out and about by myself.”

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “We are carrying out enquiries after a silver electric scooter was stolen overnight from an address Highfield Road in South Shields.

“Anyone with information should contact Northumbria Police on 101 quoting reference 157 110717.”