Top economist backs South Shields Tory candidate

Conservative candidate for South Shields Felicity Buchan.
Conservative candidate for South Shields Felicity Buchan.

A leading economist, who was raised in South Shields, is backing the General Election Conservative candidate for the town.

Professor Brian Sturgess - chief economist and managing editor of World Economics and a former senior advisor to the European Commission - says a vote for Felicity Buchan will strengthen Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiating hand to deliver a successful Brexit deal.

Prof Sturgess’ parents were local publicans and he has lived in different parts of the town from the Biddick Hall Estate to the Ridgeway.

He attended Ocean Road School and the Grammar-Technical School in Harton.

He was a prominent supporter of the Brexit campaign and believes South Shields needs a strong Brexiteer as its next MP.

He said: “South Tyneside voted by 62% for Brexit.

“South Shields needs a strong supporter of Brexit in Parliament to represent its views. Felicity Buchan is exactly that person.

“A vote for Felicity is a vote to strengthen Theresa May’s negotiating hand in Europe to deliver a successful Brexit deal.”

Ms Buchan says her party is the only one that can be trust on key issues such as the economy,

Born in Scotland, Ms Buchan says if elected she would help to bring more investment into the town and by turn, new high-skilled jobs.

She campaigned for Britain to leave the EU in last year’s referendum and said: “This is a hugely significant election for South Shields.

“It is a choice between Theresa May’s strong and stable leadership and Jeremy Corbyn’s chaos.

“As we enter the Brexit negotiations, we need Theresa May at the head of our team, negotiating the best deal for Britain and South Shields. “The Conservative Party is the only party that can be trusted with our economy.

“South Shields needs a strong economy to encourage companies to invest here. We need more high skilled jobs. That way our town can prosper.”

Ms Buchan also attacked Labour nationally and locally for their performance.

Also standing to be MP for South Shields is Emma Lewell-Buck for Labour, Shirley Ford for the Green Party Gita Gordon who will represent the Liberal Democrats and UKIP’s Richard Elvin.