'Should only be a worry if you speed' - What you said about new cameras on the A19 at Testo's roundabout

Work is well and truly underway on a multi-million pound project to transform a roundabout on the A19.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019, 06:00 am
Speed cameras are set to go live at the Testo's roundabout improvement scheme.

The project at Testo’s Roundabout began in May, with 40mph and 50mph already in place for motorists using the route.

The existing roundabout is to be demolished and replaced with new slip roads connecting the A184 Newcastle Road with the A19, which will be raised on a flyover.

How the new Testo's could look when the scheme is complete. Picture: Highways England.

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As the cameras were put up in preparation for their launch, readers got in touch on social media to share their views on the scheme.

Some welcome the speed restrictions and cameras while others criticised their insertion as a ‘money-making’ scheme.

Others urged their fellow motorists to obey the speed limit and stay safe.

The scheme aims to reduce journey times and tackle congestion problems at peak times.

Here is what you had to say on social media:

Stanton Longhorrn: “Cannot stand that part of the A19.”

Gary Ablett: “I never go over 50 on this road anyway it’s too dangerous. So I welcome it going down to 40.”

Marc Gaines: “I've been using it quite a bit lately I don't feel it's that bad I'm hitting it around midday though.”

Robert Carroll: “They should only be in effect when the workmen are there, if they are there all the time, it’s just another money-making scheme.”

Rachael Wilson: “It might mean there is no queue at the tunnel.”

Ste Dixon: “Should only be a worry if you speed.”

Allan Scorer: “The eternal cry of the bad driver when safety measures are introduced. ‘It's just to raise money.’ If you drive safely you wont be fined.”

Mandy Cook: “Good. Hope all those that go belting down thinking they wont get caught enjoy their tickets!”

Matthew Hunt: “Simple, it's an average speed. Don't speed, don't get caught.”