‘Stop this total mayhem’ – drivers’ fury after yet more roadworks announced for South Shields


Drivers have reacted with fury to the news of yet more roadworks in the borough.

Drivers have been warned of 18 weeks of delays at Crossgate as work goes ahead to allow for bus access to the new transport interchange.

The announcement comes after days of misery for drivers last week, which saw works taking place simultaneously on a number of key sites in South Tyneside causing delays and long queues of traffic.

Major routes were hit by roadworks at Tyne Dock Arches, Tilesheds, the John Reid Road, Jarrow at the Tyne Tunnel, and Mill Lane in Hebburn.

It also comes after Metro chiefs announced work for the new transport interchange would impact on services in South Shields for up to 10 months.

Readers vented their ire on our Facebook page, commenting on the latest roadworks announcement for Crossgate.

Dave Scholey said: “Can the council not just finish one project at a time...use all resources at one time and stop this total unco-ordinated mayhem?”

Dean Burles said: “Nobody objects to improvements. People will always object to plans that don’t fall in at the top of the list and projects that have been planned in to cause maximum disruption.

“Countless other projects currently ongoing to make ‘improvements’. Great, but finish one at a time.

“People will now suffer congestion into the dying off town centre and the Metro won’t be an alternative as that is being modernised too.

“It’s almost as if the council enjoys seeing local residents suffer and trade fall away from businesses that continue to support this town.

“I’m sure the money could have be better spent on the already failed road infrastructure across the borough.”

Ian Coult said: “Any more roadworks and you wont be able to get out of the town.”

Loobie Loo expressed concern for trade in the town centre. She said: “‘Work will be suspended during the Christmas period’ - by which time shoppers have gone elsewhere!

“I won’t be shopping in Shields for a long time, far too hard to get to with all the roadworks!”

Kaz Michelle Harkus’dodds said: “Why CAN’T they finish one job at a time?”

David Scott They should finish the other ones first... the tunnel.. the John Reid road.. getting out of shields is a nightmare.. I don’t think it’ll be a bad thing but they could manage it better.

Graham Henderson was one voice defending the council. He said: “All part of the plan to improve the town, but I bet before I look at the comments it’s nothing but moaners.”