Let them through or join the queue? What you said as calls made for parents to use bus lanes on school run

You've been sharing your views on whether or not parents should be allowed to use bus lanes on the school run.
You've been sharing your views on whether or not parents should be allowed to use bus lanes on the school run.

Whether you travel by bike, bus or car, the morning traffic has a real impact on how your day begins.

Despite setting off on time, or catching the right bus, many of us waste hours of our day stuck in congestion - and it's out of our control.

Many said it would be a "waste of time" to open the bus lanes to parents.

Many said it would be a "waste of time" to open the bus lanes to parents.

One website, LeaseCar.uk, has suggested that allowing parents on the school run to use bus lanes would ease some of this pressure - and ensure that youngsters start their school day on time.

Department for Transport figures revealed that 46% of primary school children and 23% of secondary school children travel to school by car.

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Dozens of you got in touch with us on Facebook to share your views on the issue, with many arguing that parents should allow enough time in the morning for additional traffic.

Others expressed concerns that opening bus lanes for parents would allow the routes to be abused by other drivers.

Here's what you had to say about the idea on our social media pages:

Helen Rendall: "What makes parents so special! What about the rest of us trying to get to work! Just leave in plenty time to allow for traffic."

Tracey Usher: "No just no! A lot of these children could be walked to school! I know plenty parents who drive five mins up the road then go straight home! Also means then bus routes logged meaning workers could be late! Should leave earlier if they want to drive to school and sit patiently like everyone else has to!"

Kirsty Dickson: "I have two children who go to school six miles apart, I have to sit in city centre traffic every morning but I always get them there in time."

Russell Hubber: "How about parents getting out of bed a bit earlier and walking or parking a bit further away and walking the remainder."

Benjamin Taylor: "Absolutely not! Bus lanes are there to ease congestion for commuters, which is often caused by the drivers in question."

Pat Ross: "No. Because then everybody would do it with kids or not, giving them the habit of doing it anytime."

Gary Thompson: "Just open all bus lanes. It's a ridiculous waste of time."

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John Paul Thompson: "Bus lanes should be open to commercial vehicles, allowing work vans and lorries to get to their destination on time and easing congestion and pollution in city centres."

Robert Spence: "Why not just open the bus lanes during rush hours because if you do for parents going to schools it will be abused by everyone."

David Stott: "They are the cause of the traffic jams roads are perfect during the holidays!"

Audrey Kirtley: "No definitely not, they're abused as it is with the people who are too important to queue like the rest of us."

Jamie Witts: "How about we open bus lanes to van and goods vehicles, that would reduce traffic a whole lot and would help business across the board increase productivity and which in turn will help everyone in some way."

Kenny Potter: "Put the kids on the bus that's already using the bus lane?"

Phil Bryden: "Lots of people hating on the school mum drivers, but offering little if any practical solutions."

Mark Tiffin: "Or just try and continue to encourage active travel and create more traffic free routes for children to safely cycle to school."