Travel to Newcastle hard for youngsters

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DAD-of-two Davy Carr has seen for himself how beneficial a bereavement support service can be for children and young people affected by the death of a loved one.

His sons, Keelan and Ben, were devastated after mum Joanne died last year.

The 41-year-old had been diagnosed with a non-specific hepatitis of the liver and was in need of a transplant. Sadly, one wasn’t found in time.

Following her death, Davy, 40, spent hours searching the internet to try to find a support service for his sons, who he felt would benefit from talking to someone.

But failing to find anywhere, in particular for his youngest son, he was finally made aware of Cruse by his GP.

Davy, from Cedar Drive, Jarrow, said: “When Joanne died I couldn’t find anything in South Tyneside offering the kind of bereavement support that the two boys needed.

“It was only when I was talking to the GP, he told me about Cruse. But we had to travel to Newcastle to access the service.

“At times the journey was hard for both myself and the boys, but it was important for me to get them there, so they could receive the support they needed.

“Cruse has helped them immensely. Without its support they wouldn’t be coping as well as they are.

“Seeing how much they have benefited from the service and realising there wasn’t anything like this in South Tyneside, I wanted to get involved in helping to raise money so a service of this kind can be provided here in the borough.

“I can’t stress enough, as a father who has had to watch his sons grieve for their mum, how vital it is for children and young people to be able to have access to this kind of service.

“If, by raising this money and getting a service here in South Tyneside, it makes it more accessible for families, then all the hard work will be worth it, as without the right help and support at a time when it is needed, it can affect them for the rest of their lives.”